Just wanted to say Thank You.

Hey folks – As I’m sitting here watching the video I just shot on my phone and the voiceover from my audio workstation automagically syncing to my video editing workstation for me to merge and process into something shareable, I’ve got to take a minute and just say thank you to everyone who works on this project for making my life a little bit better.


I second the emotion. I have had some self-inflicted problems, but in general it just runs and runs and runs. I have several Linux computers, two Macs, and a couple phones syncing away without any problems for months on end, through ISP disconnects, power outages, and reboots, and I almost forget it’s running,


I would like to tag along and offer my thanks as well. Syncthing is not only a file synchronization tool (a mighty good one at that), it is also responsible for increasing the amount of joy in the world. Checking up on a syncthing installation’s gui and seeing row after row of (Up to date) is really something else.


Me too, I think Syncthing is (a) functionally great, and (b) the code is practically free of defects. Key word practically; meaning yeah there is a boo boo here n there every now and then, but the thing actually works, rock solid heavy duty. I’m in the same boat as you; seeing all that green “Up to date”, and the folders/files are actually in sync.

So to all the folks who are putting effort in this - THANK YOU, and keep up the great work.


I agree with that too. The people here are extremely committed and with expertise.

I also have a prominent comparison whose name I don’t have to mention here, but many know it. Their support in the community is basically underground and actually not worth the name and they have irregular and long updates. Overall, trust is simply lost.

Here, we have another way. Competence, meanwhile first-class software, which surely has one or the other bug. And a great team that takes care of the community. Everyone feels welcome. I can only say that it is a success story that can be seen. That’s why I say “Keep it up!”