Joplin sync is one sided despite the Folder is set to "share and recieve

PC: Windows 10 64 bit
Mobile: Android 10
Mobile version:
PC version: Uknown (Tried to find it, dont know how, if anyone knows please tell me)

What i did:

  • set up a folder at which all the notes will be saved at.
  • Shared that folder with my mobile device through Syncthing.
  • Set the settings to “send and recieve”
  • Created different notes on both my PC and my mobile
  • Closed the down the app on Both devices
  • Activated syntching on both devices
  • Ran the Joplin both on my PC and mobile
  • Pressed “syncronized”

What i expected
the Notes on my mobile and PC will appear in the app on Both Platforms

What actually happened
the Notes i made on my mobile are available on my PC but the notes i made on my PC are not avilable on my mobile device

Please post screenshots showing the folder state on both sides in the Web GUI. On Android, you can access the Web GUI from the left slide-out menu.

If the folder states are the same on both sides, but Joplin still doesn’t display all your notes, then I’d assume that you’ve been hit by the known bug Sync silently ignores new files with old timestamps · Issue #6517 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub. Some possible workarounds are explained in the GitHub issue.

I thought the problem was solved by itself, but it just happened again.

Files have been successfully synced from my mobile to my PC, but from my PC to my mobile, there were issues.

Anyway, those are the screenshots.

Judging by the screenshots, both sides match 100%, so Syncthing is doing its job just fine. If you still cannot see all your notes in Joplin, then it’s more than likely the Joplin bug that was linked above. Very annoying but it’s not something that can be fixed on the Syncthing side.

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