Join my Syncthing GUI project for Mac OS!

Greetings everyone!

I’m currently learning the Swift language, and I figured a Syncthing GUI for Mac would be a nice starting point for me.

The idea is to build an app that would behave like a Syncthing remote: you can manage your local Syncthing server, or any other Syncthing server.

I didn’t start this project long ago, but I already did a small part of the REST interaction system. The thing is, I suck at GUI building/making in Xcode, and as a student, in a few days I’ll have to start studying hard for an important exam. So I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me finish the app. The only thing I require is for the code to be well commented and rigorous.

Here is a link to the current source code if anyone wants to take a look: Please read the quick first



:+1: Note that there’s already a project or two for this; GitHub - m0ppers/syncthing-bar: A statusbar for syncthing on Mac OS X, Syncthing for Mac and Syncthing for macOS come to mind. Perhaps it might be worth it to pool the resources around one of these approaches.

That was my thought as well, but all these projects have different approaches. I intend to build a Syncthing remote, while Syncthing-for-mac and Syncthing-Bar are menu bar items. I hadn’t heard about that last project though, but apparently it’s just a proof-of-concept to show that a .app can run a shell script. That might be interesting in the future to install Syncthing along my app.

Awesome, carry on. :wink:

I have created now a release (no-proof-of-concept) dmg which packs syncthing, syncthing-notify (for OS notifications of file changes) and syncthing-tray (golang). See