I've been censored

Do you really think the censorship is OK thing to enforce here? I just given my stance on Ukraine support, in civilized manner. I didn’t really expect this community is not prepared to hear every possible opinion. It’s really not in the spirit of the software that is being developed here.

That’s it, you need to change this policy, mods and admins…

In fairness, that topic is an announcement, not an invitation to discussion. Technically speaking, this forum doesn’t offer a venue for discussion about things unrelated to Syncthing. There are many other places on the Internet much more appropriate for that.

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Thank you for the reminder. It is already 2023 and my last donation to the Ukrainian Red Cross was months ago.


We’re pretty clear on what we tolerate in that topic. Arguing about the war isn’t within that tolerance. We who run this forum are firmly on the side of Ukraine and if you want to argue about that you’re free to do it on another forum.