It's been about a decade...

It came to me that it’s been about a decade since the first lines of code were written for Syncthing. The precise timing is unknown because there was a lot of experimentation in the first few days, and in the end I just gathered all of it into a “rebase” commit on December 15, 2013. Nonetheless, it was about now it all started ten years ago. :slight_smile: It’s been fun and interesting along the way, I’ve learned a lot about … many things, things I had no idea would be a part of my life. Thanks, all, for coming along and making an actual project out of it.


Must be time for me to to rewrite another Christmas poem, but if you ask nicely I’ll abstain.

I remember when I found Syncthing - it was just after the BitTorrent Sync rug pull and I was watching the client enjoy the inevitable enshittification. The thought of going back to a script that attempted to do what I wanted, but not very well, was not one I found flavoursome. I was so glad to find Syncthing and it seemed like the folks behind it cared about making it trustworthy and reliable. The fact it was open source was such a massive bonus. I was able to check out commits/PRs before they were released to test them or implement where needed.

Thanks to you all for your indefatigable hard work and attention to detail, and for keeping the software honest. Trust isn’t just about “do they implement crypto properly?” but also about where the software will be next year, and the next year.



Thank you and the other developers for all you have put into it. I do believe it’s the best solution at doing what it was designed to do. I’m thrilled to have found it.

On and ever upward!


Truly remarkable job.

It is one of those very very few and rare indispensable projects out there. I just do not use any sync feature in any app anymore, I syncthing its files across devices.

Thank you very much.


Hear, hear!!

Congratulations and thank you for one of my favorite pieces of software!!


Yet far before 10 years ago some from us were hoping for this that had not yet a name. Sincere admiration to you all persevering contributors :trophy: