Items changed locally


I’m using Syncthing to back up to an archival server. I have the archive server set to recieve only, and a lot of items (some ~40,000) are listed as “the following items were changed locally”

All the items on the archive server were transferred to it using syncthing with the existing configuration.

How do I tell syncthing on the archival server “I don’t care if these were changed locally, overwrite them with whatever files are on the work computer”

Also, why does it list “changed locally” for files that were never changed locally?

If only Syncthing touched these files, that clearly shouldn’t happen. The most likely cause is another program or system daemon touching those files or changing permissions. I’d pick one file and diff the versions on the different devices, also checking modtime and permissions to see what exactly differs.

And as to how to resolve it: That’s what the revert button does (but I’d really advice first finding out what differs/happened).

This could be due to the attributes of the files. Try checking for it and make sure it’s accessible by the intended users and you will probably fix the problem. Good Luck

Thanks, it was a permissions problem. Fixed now.

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