Issues after replacing HTTPS certificate

I have a VPS running Syncthing I’m using as a remote backup for a small amount of data. (Just over 1GB.)

Yesterday I replaced https-cert.pem and https-key.pem under ~/.config/syncthing with valid certificates from LetsEncrypt.

The web interface now has a valid certificate as expected, but for some reason this seems to have changed the fingerprint on the box for syncing.

I was under the impression from other posts on this forum that cert.pem and key.pem were the certificates used for synchronization.

I’ve already fixed the issue by removing all the shared folders and remote devices from the VPS, then re-added them. It syncs fine now, all is well. I’m just looking for insight into what I did wrong.

For context, the remote VPS is set to be untrusted, shared folder type Receive Encrypted.

The onsite server it’s syncing from is the TrueNAS Scale app, which acts as the hub in a hub and spoke topology.

Yeah, it wasn’t the HTTPS cert replacement that did that but something else.

Hm. What could cause the fingerprint to change? I didn’t touch any of the other files inside that directory.

What fingerprint are you referring to?

And what are the timestamps on your and `key.pem"?

When I replaced the certificate it forced me to renegotiate the connection between the VPS and my TrueNAS box. (i.e. the big yellow box you get when a new device wants to connect.)

What I mean is the device ID, sorry. I’m mixing terminology.

The timestamps on the other two certificates do have dates from that same day, but I did so many other things that I’m not sure if they got replaced by some other process.

At this point I’ll just assume I accidentally copied over one of them and let it go. I guess I’ll find out when auto-renews the certs. :smiley:

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