Issue with SyncThing on two Windows 10 computers


I have managed to connect the two devices that I want to send/receive files from/to - there seems to be a problem with the directory watcher on the computer I’m trying to back up.

Here is a screenshot of the SyncTrayzor application on the computer holding my backups.

and here is a screenshot of the SyncTrazor application on the computer I want to back up from:

I’m not sure but it seems like I’ve made some error with specifying the directory I want to back up.


My guess is it’s because there seems to be a forward slash (/) in the path of your folder, while Windows uses back slashes (\) for folder paths. Are you sure you’ve entered the correct path in the folder config?

Also, you have permission issues, I think syncthing is not allowed to read that directory all together.

Here are the settings for the folder. As you can see, I didn’t specify a forward-slash in the directory path.

My problem seems to have gone away now, though.

I thought about it for a second and I figured that syncthing didn’t have the right permissions to read that folder - like you said - because it’s just a regular application so I started SyncTrayzor as an administrator and that seems to have solved the problem.

The folder on the computer to be backed up is now sharing with the computer doing the backup.

Thanks for your help,

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