Issue with Syncing from Android SD Card to Windows



Windows Version Syncthing Version
Windows 10 Home Single Language 1.23.2


Android Version Syncthing Version
Android 11 1.23.1


I am encountering an issue while attempting to synchronize a music folder from my SD card on Android to Windows. The ignore pattern set for this synchronization is “desktop.ini”. Despite restarting both the Android and Windows applications, the synchronization won’t run. However, the synchronization of the other documents folder from Windows to Android seems to be functioning properly.

Please describe what exactly happens. “Synchronization won’t run” is very vague. Do you see an error message? Screenshots from the Web GUI may help to understand what you’re seeing.

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Update 1

I tried to delete the folder and create the folder again without the webgui and it worked

Syncthing detect 0 file and folder

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