Issue with PC changing IDs each login, thus not syncing with other machines that are linked


Apologies in advance for my naivete.

Long story short: recently switched to Linux Mint on all three machines (PC, laptop, MacBook), and went with Syncthing to mimic how OneDrive for Windows populates changes on files saved to desktop on all three devices.

The issue: I installed and have Syncthing running for all three machines, but have noticed the ID for the PC keeps changing each time I log in. It’s never the same for some reason, and thus the sync to the other two machines will not work as a result. I have not seen this behavior occur on either the laptop or the MacBook, and the settings for all three seem to be the same, so I’m at a loss as to what might be causing this. Only difference I can think of is that the PC is a wired connection, whereas the other two are WiFi, though I can’t imagine that would matter.

Any thoughts? I can provide any logs, screencaps etc. that would aid in the troubleshooting.

Thanks much.

The ID is derived from the certificates stored next to the config.

I don’t know how you installed it, but it seems that it’s either starting with it’s config directory being set to a new directory every time, or your home drive or something like that starts encrypted and it starts to early (before the drive is decrypted).

Thanks much for the reply. Though painful, I ended up reinstalling Linux without encryption and things seem to be functioning properly now.

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