Issue Syncthing v0.10.21 NOT updating same named file?

Issue: after replacing the same named file “update.ver” on the sending device (used as the master folder) the receiving device doesn’t update to the new version of this same named file.

In fact, the behavior is strange as after deleting all the files (90) from the sender device the receiving device still keeps the old update.ver file only.

Also what is the purpose of “Override Changes” button? How does this relate to the synchronization of updated files using the same name of update.ver ?

Master folders do not automatically override the target folders on the other devices, you need to click the button

What does “master folder” mean given the description was “Files are protected from changes made on other devices, but changes made on this device will be sent to the rest of the cluster”?

Doesn’t that indicate that a “master folder” function is to mirror all files from the originator (primary sender) to the inherent receiving devices?

So why is there a need to click the button (override changes)? What changes are being created here that require an override for? Also there are no transmitted folders, only 90 files, in this case.

I am creating a SHA3 hash checksum list of all files on the sending device and then comparing with the receiving devices. Without clicking the button marked “override changes” the files are all present and accounted for. Before, the one file named update.ver was not updating on the receiving devices. I have no idea why it is working now when before it was not.

Is Syncthing consist in synchronizing files or was this an issue with the receiving devices regarding file permissions (not deleting)? But strange as all the other 89 files had no issue. How is Syncthing judging which files to update from the master folder to the receiving devices?

What is the differences of the Syncthing terms for:

No File Versioning Simple File Versioning Staggered File Versioning

So what option above best fits the need to mirror from the originating device (master folder) as the sender to inherent (direct) receiving devices an exact copy of files that get updates regularly with the same file names, without archiving old copies of files?

The other two options (Simple File Versioning and Staggered File Versioning) mention the need to archive older files, which there is no need as it would only add to the confusion of using the most up to date versions.

Thanks in advance for any clarification on this matter. :dolphin: