issue synching on a folder that was removed then added back in

both os is win10 and using 1.19.1 so i have an issue where Syncthing wont sync with a folder i recently removed due to wrong location.

  1. i synced a folder from pc 1 to pc 2
  2. removed the folder from the Syncthing web browser. cant remeber if i did it on PC2 or PC1 first
  3. deleted the files on pc2
  4. attempt to add the removed folder back in pc 2 using the Syncthing browser UI
  5. message appears on the browser stating that theres an error when adding the folder (cant remember the error name, will try and get the name later)
  6. removed then readd many times still encounter same error

is there a explanation and soluion to this or should I just reset everything on pc2? I am fine with starting over in pc2 if so how do i do it properly?

The explanation sounds quite convoluted, so if possible please post screenshots from both sides showing exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

i just want to sync a specific folder on PC2 from PC1 again

You should normally be able to do just that, so that’s why we need to at least see what exactly the errors look like in the GUI.

it somehow worked now. just rebooted my pc2

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