Is Windows XP yet supported?

I’m trying to run Syncthing on an old Windows XP SP3 but I get “syncthing.exe encountered a problem and needs to close”

I’m using and I check that the exe is not corrupted, so is Windows XP not yet supported by Syncthing?


It used to work on XP at some point.

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Also “yet supported” is probably the wrong term here, it should probably be “no longer supported” as the OS is not supported by the vendor itself, so I think it’s about time we kill the dinosours.


Yo can’t spell dinosaur either! ::stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure it wasn’t intended as a threat. :wink:


I’ve been using ST on Windows XP (and Android) for a long time. Currently on v.0.14.6 which hasn’t updated yet (normally updates automatically). The only problem I have encountered is the non-propagation of deleted files, which seems to be a common problem on all platforms. I would be very upset if ST ceased to be compatible with XP, as I use that device as a repo etc for LAN.

I’ve never heard of this problem. Is there a ticket for it?

I have reported this problem on Android, and there are several Google Play Store reviews which mention this issue. I will start a new thread to raise the problem.

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