Is Web Interface Limited to localhost?

I have recently syncthing on my laptop and a couple of headless boxes all running Arch. Syncthing seems to be working in that files are being synchronized and the sycthing@user service is running. However, I can only view the web interface on my local box (the laptop). Trying to view it on the other boxes jut returns “Web page unavailable”. I have other services running on these boxes, which have web interfaces on different ports and can view these OK.

Is there some configuration option that makes the web interface visible from localhost only?

It actually depends on the used “GUI Listen Addresses” which defaults to Just change that to the actual IP Address of the device in the network and you are good to go.

Yep. Or set it to :8080 (no IP address) to listen on all available interfaces.

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Great. Thanks for the help.

I thx too. It is much easier than, X11 forward with ssh, and faster :smiley: