Is this scenario possibel ? Sync in one direction - no deletes ?

Hi there. My first post…and I love Syncthing ! but: i have a question regading the correct configuration of my different syncfolders to achieve following scenario: I have syncthing on Android 10 smartphone and sync picture folders to my PC - Manjaro Linux with Arch, both on Syncthing 1.17. I want to sync any pics from the phone to the PC. Deletes on the phone should NOT be reflected on the PC. So I assumed that I could use the adanced settings to enable “ignore delete” on the particular syncfolders on the PC. Is that correct. Background is that I want to clean my phone from time to time to get space but the once synced pics on the PC should be safe and stored. Is that possible ? At first I thought this should be teh solution but now I’m not sure after reading all those things and warning that could happen using those advanced features :wink: Thanks for any insight, Mike

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This function is implemented and officially included, but it seems to be used with caution. I would try this out extensively in a test environment first.

You may be able to test this differently. The Android APP Syncthing-Fork has a “Syncthing camera” function, which maybe also covers that. I haven’t used this feature yet so can’t say much about it.


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