Is this APK legit?

I downloaded it from here:

And I submitted it to an APK scanner. The results are here:

Can anyone verify that this looks legit?

potentially, but why don’t you just use the official releases from f-droid and so on?

I’m looking for an APK that will run on my blackberry.

Do you mean from here: ?

Yeah. If the standard APK doesn’t run, I don’t think any magic APK will make it better.

I am sure there is even an issue on Github saying it doesn’t work for BlackBerry, though BlackBerry is dead, so I don’t think it will get any attention.

I’ll give it a try, thanks.

“BlackBerry is dead” - nope.

Had no luck on my classic. BB was the the best device - conceptual. QNX was the best and most secure OS. Any iPhone or Android gets rooted right after release. Even the playbook is not rooted yet - because secure. (what a waste of that wonderful piece of hardware)

But BB is dead. At least BB as we know it. People preferred ad-supported blinky shiny toys over a work horse. Oh, well.

If you get anything going on BB let me know.

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If BlackBerry is what you’re after, they’re releasing a device running Android so the APKs will work on that.

@oppiman, I agree.

@Rewt0r, that’s great, but the trouble with Android is, well, Android. I see it as the Windows of mobile operating systems: buggy and broken out of the box. What I’d like to see Blackberry do is focus more energy on the emulator so that we can run android apps in the BB10 OS with more success.

Anyway, if I find some spare time, I might look at starting a native BB10 Syncthing app. Until then…

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if you can run Arm Linux on your Blackberry or another form of Linux(not sure what arch is Blackberry is on ), then you can use the distro versions of ST.

I do not use the Android apk for example. I am using the Arm version on my Android (which means that you are doing things on the command line more or less). Android has the Linux kernel so setting up Linux environment is relatively easier, like chroot etc. However I do not know if such things are possible with BB.

I scanned the APK with an online scanner and then tried it out: no go.