Is this a bug? [object Object]

Running 1.25 in a Docker on Synology. In the advanced settings for a folder, The Devices property shows this: Is this correct? I’m afraid to change one of the other advanced parameters because I don’t want to break the device connections… I know there’s no real way to show objects in text form, but perhaps this field should be hidden, because it really can’t be edited by the user.

Known issue. Please do not touch those fields inside the Advanced Configuration editor. You can edit them either using the normal GUI (in the Sharing tab when editing folders/devices, as that’s what those objects actually are) or through the config.xml file.

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Ok but can I change other advanced stuff as long as I don’t touch the Devices field? I’m actually wanting to change the “Marker Name” field only. If I don’t change anything else, can I change the “marker name” and click okay without breaking the devices?

Of course, you can edit only those fields that you need and leave the rest untouched :slight_smile:.

Ok thanks for the response. I didn’t know if all the fields would be re-parsed and the text would wreck the device connections.

Thanks Again

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