Is there something like a .sharedstignore feature?

Hi, I know that you can #includes in the .stignore, but you would need to manually modify the .stignore file on all the devices and sometimes that is not practical.

I there a similar file that GETS synchronized between devices?

Cheers JD

Short answer is no… There are lots of threads about it though.

Basically it would make sense to save a fixed entry for the .stignore in the installation package. E.g. #include .stglobalignore and this name would be fixed. If the file .stglobalignore is created, it is transferred to all connected devices. However, this is to consider during creating the installation package.

I have now deposited such a .stignore in all relevant peers with the entry #include .stglobalignore, but it needs to transfer the .stignore to all connected devices and peers. It’s very time-consuming, I did it with scrips, it was easier.


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