Is there any plans on adding sync on demand?

Sorry if this has been asked I didnt found a post talking about it. I really liked one drive that had the option to sync on demand have everything in the cloud and when you opened certain files they where dowloaded and stored for some days and if they were not used they got deleted. I love syncthing as it goes very fast a works like a charm and I would like to completely replace one drive as it works very bad.

That’s a very platform specific feature that is not available on other platforms, hence no.

I can imagine another application, that speaks syncthing/bep protocol, implementing something like that, however there are no plans to work on it.

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Thanks for your response. What do you mean that is paltform specific that is not available on other platform? If you mean showing the files even when they are not local I thinks it’s available on windows, linux and mac as one drive has this option on both mac and windows and nextcloud has it too on linux and windows

I don’t think thats true, atleast I’m not aware of anything like that for linux, unless you go for fuse which requires root privileges. We also support other platforms, like netbsd, solaris etc.