is there any option to set different network preferences for different folders?

So there is an option to globally change network discovery preferences globally, but is there an option to change it per folder?

“Folders” aren’t discovered… “Devices” are discovered.

It doesn’t make sense to limit discovery on a per folder basis. The folders available aren’t really known until the devices discover each other.

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I’m sorry I meant that by default syncthing syncs folder pairs by any means needed I can change it globally whether it should sync over internet or not, is there no way to specify that in a per folder pairs basis

I don’t think it’s possible. Again communication is between devices not between folders.

What are you trying to achieve?

Maybe running separate instances of syncthing if done properly can achieve your desired conditions.

If you need this on Android, then does provide per-folder sync conditions. On other platforms, I think the only way (other than running multiple instances of Syncthing) could be to write custom scripts and utilise them to control Syncthing via the API or the command line.

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Ye this looks exactly thing I need, but it’s sadly in android only…looks like I need to be running multiple instances of syncthing

I am seriously curious about this need. All Syncthing communication is encrypted end-to-end. Why would anyone want only SOME of their folders to sync over the internet?

Look I have a Minecraft server which I run over the LAN that folder I keep it synced locally, while other folders like the document folder I want to keep it synced regardless, I have a metered connection so syncing the Minecraft server over the internet is just not an option.

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In my case, I sync a few virtual machines, and I would really prefer those not to sync, e.g. when riding on a train with a very poor Internet connection. The file size is too large and the connection is too slow for this. Other folders, e.g. documents and work related materials, I do need to have always synced and up-to-date.

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Oh boy that sounds…really complicated

Just Resume/Pause that folder on demand?

I would like it to be automatic but I guess that’s the closest I can get

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