Is there an event triggered by syncthing after a folder synchronization for a folder has been completed?

Is there an event triggered by syncthing after folder synchronization has been completed? or is there a callback in syncthing after succesful folder synchronization or file synchornization? I want to use this to perform further actions after synchronization has been completed.

GET /rest/events — Syncthing documentation is probably what you’re after, there’s a sublink to all the types that you can fetch.

f.e. ItemFinished — Syncthing documentation

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In my Get request rest/events?events=ItemFinished I was not able to find any record related to ItemFinished All the events that I had were StateChanged for the folder. Any reason why I am not able to get ItemFinished event for the given file ?

One common pitfall is that when you specify a specific even type (or types), an event subscription is created for that set of events. You will only get events generated after that initial call. It is not a filter on historical events that may have happened in the past.

I wanted to trigger certain events after a file is created inside the folder : The following query is not returning any results : curl -k -X GET -H “X-API-Key: mykey” http://ip:port/rest/events?events=ItemFinished or ItemStarted

even FolderCompletion is not giving me recent folders

Is there any way I can make this work ?

As noted, you need to make at least one such call before the first ItemChanged event that you’re interested in. The first call sets up the event subscription.

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