Is there a way to transfer config/data on a node locally without re-syncing?

I have a windows 7 node that ran out of space. I pulled the old drive out (everything on it still intact) and put in a new drive, reinstalled windows.

I then copied the Syncthing executable folder over to the same location on the new pc. I also copied the entire syncthing folder from %appdata%\local to the same place on the new pc. I lastly copied all the data to the new PC.

Only difference… new pc has new drive letter for where all the data is stored.

But… when I run syncthing on the new PC… i can’t edit the locations through the GUI.

Is there an easy way to shift (copy) data and config from one os/install/setup to another (locally) and get the node back up and running without having to re-sync all the data?

If you open the config.xml file from the %appdata% directory in a text editor you can change the folder paths there.

If the folders are all on the same drive a simple find/replace should work, e.g. Find: 'path="C:' Replace: ‘path="H:’

Though be careful. You probably need to delete the index directory, as otherwose syncthing will think all the files are deleted.

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Thanks guys! Modified the config and ditched the index dir as mentioned, fired up, everything showed up to date (after about 20 minutes of syncing, but it looks like all it was doing was syncing/checking indexes (original index directory was approx 500mb)).

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