Is there a way to synchronize MSOffice locks across ?

Is there a way to sync the lock file across so if User1 has FileA open in LocationY and User2 tries to open FileA in LocationX that they get the file is open somewhere else?

Used to use PeerGFS which apparently did this. Would be nifty if we could replicate in Syncthing.

It’s just a file, I expect it should sync unless you take action to ignore it?

Looks like it’s syncing, Microsoft Word just isn’t picking it up as a ‘lock’ file.

lock files are not just files, there is an actual state in the operating system associated with that file, that state is not something you can sync.

That’s why we moved to LibreOffice.

Frankly though, if you’re using Office, just use 365 and SharePoint and it’s all quite transparent. :slight_smile: