Is there a way to run with multiple user logins in windows?

I installed the synctrayzor version under windows and set it up for one user. But it will not work for any other users after the first logs in.

Do I just need to use the basic syncthing to get proper multiuser support? What is the proper way to use it under windows?

It should do…

What exactly do you mean by “It will not work”? It’s entirely possible that the installer’s only creating a start menu shortcut for a single person (if so, that’s a bug I can fix, please open an issue), but anyone should be able to run the exe at C:\Program Files\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzor.exe, and all users will have separate settings, Syncthing databases, etc.

Are you running multiple instances of syncthing at once? That won’t work because they’ll try (and fail) to use the same port.

Not sure what exactly you can do about this (other than logging out from windows).

They can be told to use different ports, if that is the issue