Is there a way to prevent files being deleted

Syncthing seems to do a great job syncing new files, but is there a way to prevent it propagating file deletions? I’ve looked through some of the syncthing documentation and the forums, and it doesn’t seem to be possible. But it also seems like this should be possible. With dropbox if you remove a file it asks if you want to remove it from all devices, is there something like this for Syncthing? Thanks.

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You can use versioning to ensure deleted files are archived instead of actually deleted.

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Thanks. Before posting my question I spent a long time looking for this setting. I still can’t find it. Would you mind directing me to where it is? Thanks.

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Thanks. I figured it had something to do this. I’ll have to work it out.

Just in case you happen to be using the Android app, then you may need to open the Web GUI in order to access the full-fledged Syncthing UI, where you can edit settings like this one.

just a heads up: read the docs carefully.

it’s very different behaviour from what you might expect coming from dropbox.

for instance:

sync desktop with mobile. set up trash versioning in both.

if we delete a file on desktop, only the mobile (and whichever other device has the trash configured) will have a copy of that file under the trash folder (.stversions by default).

but it all makes sense when you learn and get used to it!

Thanks! But no, apple stuff.

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