Is Syncthing usable without multiple devices?

Hey! Just looking into Syncthing now, and I really know very little about how it works (yet).

General question: can Syncthing run locally and be used as a kind of file modification API? Sort of like fsevents… I realize it’s a weird question and I can clarify.

For my purposes, it would be great to start with that and then move to multiple devices.

Sorry if my question is a little odd–I’ll be building and reading more information today!

A five minute dip into the documentation lead me to the Event API, which seems like it could very well do just what I want.

… I think I answered my own question =)

Possibly, but it seems way overkill. There are various other things made for just watching a directory and running scripts when things change – watchman for example.

Thanks for the link to watchman! I agree it’s a little overkill–just investigating options currently.