Is Syncthing cloud-based?

Sorry for my noobish question. Is Syncthing like Dropbox in the sense that I don’t need to have a running PC in order to sync the files?

Or do I always have to have a running computer (acting as a “server”) in order to have my files synced?

Sorry, a bit confused about this.

Thank you!

No, it is not cloud based. However, you can make a PC in some cloud to do that if you want. I have a server that is my “always on computer”, for example.

It is not cloud based, so you need two devices in the cluster to be on in order for them to sync files. This obviously means that an always on server makes your life much easier. However, two devices (or more) that are only intermittently turned on can work IF they are likely to at least sometimes be on at the same times. They will store changes that were made on each device until they see another device turn on and then send those changes.

That is, if you make a change at 9am on a laptop, and then use the laptop for the next 3 or 4 hours, and then the desktop comes online at 11am it will grab the latest changes, even the one made a couple of hours ago when the desktop itself was offline. This only requires the two devices to sometimes both be online simultaneously. The more overlap the better, hence an always on device gives you 24hr overlap.

“The Cloud” is just other people’s computers. Syncthing doesn’t have a central service that’s always on, the way Dropbox does, but it’s worth remembering that in principle Dropbox is no different from having someone else keep a computer running all the time for you.

Including the fact that they can get at all the data on there.

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