Is .stfiles treated specially by syncthing?

I have a .stfiles in one of my synchronised directories and it always get reported as an “Out of sync item”. There’s nothing reported in the syncthing log about it. How can I get syncthing to handle this file properly? I want it synchronised so that when I change it on one system the change is copied to other systems, I don’t want to have to edit it everywhere.

I don’t you can do that. These files are supposedly invisible to syncthing in certain parts of the code. Some parts implies that there might be bugs where this is not handled correctly, resulting in them being scanned, advertised but not downloadable. What are you trying to achieve?

I’m simply trying to synchronise only some files in that particular directory, how else could one do this? I have a .stignore and a .stfiles in the directory and I want those to apply across the synchronised systems, they have to be synchronised for it to work don’t they, otherwise it’s nonsense.

“.stfiles” is not a reserved name so should sync ok. If it does not, check on the receiving side why.

Yes, that’s what I thought. So where do I find the reason for it not synchronising? There’s no reason listed in the list of “Out of sync items”.

It’s on the receiving side, in the logs of the failed items ui. Out of sync items is shown for both local and remote devices. We don’t know why remote devices can’t download a file, you have to check the remote ui.

How do I know which is the ‘receiving side’? I’ve no idea which end changed most recently, it would have been weeks (or months) ago the last change in that file.

The file is actually ‘in sync’, it’s the same on all three systems where I have it synchronised, it’s just reported as “Out of sync”.

The receiving side will be the one where the file looks locally out of sync, not remotely. Can you post screenshots of what you are seeing?

The file isn’t locally out of sync on any system. It’s just listed as out of sync on remote systems.

I have three systems synchronised, on each system the file .stfiles is shown as out of sync on the two remote systems.

Good news: Syncing works fine for you. The remote out of sync items are “informational”, it’s what the local device thinks the remote device needs. If the remote device itself has no out-of-sync items, it is indeed in sync.

As to investigating the cause: You could query the /rest/db/file endpoint on .stfiles on the involved devices (see Other hosts all at "Syncing (95%, 0 B) and following posts for explanations). This gives information about global and local versions on each device (and discrepancies thereof).

Good news: Syncing works fine for you.

Yes, I sort of knew that, the files are synchronised as I said. :slight_smile:

What/where do I find “the /rest/db/file endpoint”? I looked through the posting you referred to and didn’t find anything about it there.

All three systems are Linux by the way, one xubuntu 18.04 and two xubuntu 16.04.

The post I linked to contains instructions as to how to query that endpoint?

curl -X GET -H "X-API-Key: *yourapikey*" 'http://localhost:8384/rest/db/file?folder=*folderID*&file=.stfiles'

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