~ is set to SyncthingServiceAcct by default - trouble


edit: i cant manage to get it to see user folders, see below. synthing always adds “\” to my paths, so that all user paths are “\C:..” which does not work.

on windows the possibility to hav3 a system wide install possibility as a service is great news in my opinion. thank you very much for this.

on win wininstall the path ~/ is set to SyncthingServiceAcct user. this folder structure of course needs administrative privileges, effectively rendering working with the synced files nearly impossible as on i.e. copy etc they will always cause acces rights troubles with user privileges etc. that is very counter intuitive. yes, there is a red warning, but for “normal” users its too complicated. please change the default behaviour to set ~ to the actual logged in user. in my oppinion this is way to weird for normal every day users especially because changing folder locations is a very advanced task.

and on multi user systems it effectively mixes all users sync folders into one folder structure.

Actually, is Syncthing service capable of accessing user folders at all? I get errors like

\\?\C:\Users\.. not found and

| Ordnerpfad |C:\Users\User\win-automation|
| Fehler |CreateFile \\?\C:\Users\User\win-automat|

is a tray icon with a link to 127… very complicated? this would be neat :slight_smile: thanks

solved, its a permission problem. user folders lack rw riths of SyncthingServiceAccoutn user. just add acces to this user, works.

Correct. This is noted in the documentation:

Syncthing Windows Setup: Granting Folder Permissions for the Service Account