Is possible to quit syncthing when i close the app on Android ?

Im looking to find a way to automatic close syncthing in certains situations, like at night to save battery. Samsung phone has an app that automate some stuff, but just closing syncthing not turns it off

Tap the hamburger menu, then [Exit] to close both the user interface and server processes.

Alternatively, see an earlier thread titled “An idea to reduce battery usage on mobile” for some tips.

The “Hamburger” menu is the one in the upper left corner with three horizontal lines. Tap that, the exit at the bottom.

The OP was asking about an automatic way to do it though. There are some intents that can be used by apps like ITTT as far as I know. Hope someone can point to some documentation, as I’ve never investigated the feature myself.

Thanks for the clarification. :slightly_smiling_face:

The OP’s post title initially appeared to be asking about manual closing, but the description mentioned automatic, so I included info about both.

There are apps that can close other apps on timers or some set of rules, but with each iteration of Android increasing sandboxing of apps, it’s less likely to work.

Combining Android’s battery saving features with the settings in Syncthing to pause under certain conditions gets similar results with fewer complications.

I was talking about this feature: Remote Control by Broadcast Intents · Catfriend1/syncthing-android Wiki · GitHub

No idea whether the official (non-fork) app has it as well. But AFAIU, intents are just the way Android envisions for apps to cooperate, thus likely to work with little limitations.

This is only for advanced users, but if rooted, you can also use automation apps (e.g. Tasker) to control the API directly with cURL. I’ve used this method to pause remote devices when not on WiFi.

I found this method much more efficient, because using the conditions inside the app doesn’t just “pause” Syncthing but rather keeps exiting and relaunching it, effectively rescanning all folders each time, which in newer Android versions is painfully slow.

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