Is possible connect two PC's directly only through IP?


Well, I want connect two pc’s (different cities) only through IP directions, no Global, no relay. Don’t care if pc’s has dynamic IP.

My problem is how do it, in the official documentation don’t exist nothing about that possibility.


If you know the IP address, set it directly on the device in question like tcp:// If you don’t know or the address is dynamic, use global discovery which is already the default.

Thank you @calmh, but… what about the ports?:


What port add with the IP address?

And I have various questions:

  • On Setting > Connections > Sync Protocol Listen Addresses What address and port must I add?

  • Can I untick the options Global Discovery and Enable Relaying in Setting > Connections

If you want to do all this manually, pick any port number you like. Syncthing defaults to 22000 and uses that if you didn’t specify anything else.

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