Is port forward of discovery port 21025 appropriate for multiple devices on LAN?

Good day to you all,

I understand the reasoning for port forward of protocol i.e. 22000, and in my case I will be substituting 22000 with my internal IP v4 address i.e. 22100, 22101 etc.

I’m wondering if I need to do the same with the UDP discovery broadcasts port? Currently, I’m thinking I don’t need to port forward 21025 to a particular device, but only need to ensure that port is open for any device to use. Would someone with a bit more understanding of what is necessary regarding discovery via UDP respond and correct or confirm my presumption?

There’s no need to set up forwards for anything other than the sync port (i.e. what defaults to 22000/TCP). If the devices have a local firewall, you may need to tell it to allow the local discovery stuff though.

Thank you for your assistance, and guidance.

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