Is modifying server files directly supported?

  • Syncthing on Unraid (docker)
  • I have a user share on server I mount on clients on my local network via NFS
  • One of the folders in the user share is a ‘syncthing’ folder
  • I run into issues with permisisons with syncthing because when a NFS client modifies files in the ‘syncthing’ folder it changes the permissions from nobody(99):users(100) to username:1000

Is this a supported workflow? Can I store my ‘syncthing’ folder on the server and modify files on the server directly?

If I change the docker container group permissions to run under 1000 then syncthing can read the modified files also (but probably also needs to be a member of users (100) too since that’s the unraid NFS default). Is this possible?

Sure, Syncthing expects you to also change the files it’s herding, otherwise there wouldn’t be any changes for it to sync to other devices. As long as the permissions work out I don’t see a problem here.

So I added the equivalent to each client in the unraid nfs config:,all_squash,anongid=100,anonuid=99)

This should force all client file creations to default to the unraid nobody:users that is used for all storage files. Since syncthing runs as nobody:users I’m hoping there wont be any more permission warnings.

Thanks for your help!

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