Is it safe to decrease fsWatcherDelayS to zero? (ie. immediate sync)

I’ve noticed that it takes about 10 seconds after a change is made for it to be synchronized to other devices.

According to the documentation, the default setting of fsWatcherDelayS is 10 which I believe explains this behavior.

What’s the best way to have it synchronize sooner? Can I safely set fsWatcherDelayS to 0?

I’m wondering about the situation where I might use my Steam Deck where it creates a save, but I close the deck before it’s able to sync. I think with a quicker sync time it might fix this gap?

The lowest possible value as of the current version is 1 second, which is safe. As of the next version you can lower it down to 0.01 seconds, which is probably also fine in most situations.

Great, thanks so much for the reply.

Does syncthing know if a write operation is still in progress? (I think the question is: does inotify notify syncthing at the start or end of a i/o operation?)

I’m also wondering if a wrapper of sorts could be made for the Steam Deck (using Decky plugins?) so that after a non-steam game is closed, a manual sync operation would be started and a simple progress bar dialog could be displayed.

Does syncthing have any plugins (or anything) to trigger a manual rescan with a small dialog box I could display?

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