Is it safe to add the same folder to two devices, then start syncthing?

Hi, I installed syncthing today in two computers.

I have kept them up in sync manually in the past by using sshfs to mount a folder via ethernet and then use Meld to manually find what’s different and synchronizing.

Since the disks are mostly in sync, I was wondering if I could stop syncthing, add the same big folder full of files on both computers to the Sync folder, then start syncthing on both computers. Would that be safe to do? Most of the files should match.

I did read FAQ — Syncthing documentation but unfortunately I don’t find it clear. It talks about creating folders and copying files, but I already have folders and files. Does it mean to create as in mkdir? or to create it in the UI? It also mentions copy the Folder ID but copy it from where to where?

I would like to avoid copying gigabytes of data which is already found in both systems.

That should work, as Syncthing should simply merge the folders while leaving identical files intact, however having backups before performing such an operation is always the safe way.

The FAQ talks about adding folders in the Syncthing Web GUI.

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