Is it possible to sync my Brave bookmarks between Windows and Linux?

Is it possible to sync my Brave bookmarks between a Windows desktop and Linux laptop that are both in my home? Brave’s sync feature is terrible and has NEVER worked for me.

Brave is Chromium, so theoretically it is possible to sync the user profile, which includes bookmarks that are stored in a file there (or ignore everything but the bookmarks file to avoid other potential conflicts). The caveat is that the browser will likely not be able to refresh the file in real time, so the only way to make it work would be to always make 100% sure that you close the browser on one computer, let everything sync, and only then open it on the other side.

That’s fine because I often close and reopen the browser. So when you say “user profile”, what exactly would you recommend sharing? I’m only interested in the bookmarks (I really don’t care about history).

First, look up “brave user profile location” to find out where exactly it is stored. The location will be different depending on the operating system. Inside, there will be a folder called Default, and inside it a file called Bookmarks. You want to add this Default folder to Syncthing, but ignore everything but Bookmarks, i.e.


Then, share the folder with the other side and point at the same Default folder there, with the same ignore patterns. Also, make sure to make a backup in advance, just in case something goes wrong in the process.

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