Is it possible to sync metadata like file description between the nodes?

Hi, I recently build a simple RESTful web service which can upload a photo with a description that created by user and I’m thinking if it is possiple to sync those photos and also with some metadata like aforementioned photo description.

Here is a diagram from dropbox page I think the left hand side system performs like Syncthing and the right hand side is probably what I’m looking for, but if those are uncorrelated system how can I ensure that the metadata server knows these metadata (like file path) are update to date? Or maybe it needs to do some integreation with index (leveldb) in order to reach the goal?

Another question is processing thumbnail and also related with metaserver. Does syncthing provide some sort of callback or event or post-commit hook (like git) while file uploded or changed so that can do some post processing?

The solution what I came into my head is providing some interface that can shared by some message queue system like RabbitMQ or ActiveMQ etc.

Thank you.

Link to event based stuff until @calmh is here:

I’m not 100% sure, but this sounds like a request for attaching random metadata to files, and having that synced somehow? I’d suggest putting the metadata in the filesystem instead, ie. in photo.jpg.meta.xml for the photo photo.jpg and similar.

As for hooks, no, but the event interface linked above does expose what’s happening, so you could listen on that and act appropriately.