Is it possible to sync between (mobile) devices


I’m synchronising my desktop and two android devices. I would like to know if it’s possible to maintain the synchronisation between the two android devices when the desktop is shutdown? As I understand, when you start syncthing on desktop, it makes a server and a client but I’m not sure it does the same on Android; it might be just the client, right?

Thank you.

I don’t understand what you mean by server and client. Syncthing is build to act as peer in p2p network, so there aren’t any servers (except discovery), only clients. So theoretically, it should work. Practically, there is “bug” (quotations here because I suspect Google don’t want to fix it, for whatever reason) in Android causing Syncthing’s inability to set mtime and that is crucial for any sync app. So AFAIK no, you cannot use two Androids in one cluster, because they will constantly override one another’s version of files.

Thank you for your explanation.

Hmmm in fact it works now. I just forgot to tick on the android device in the folder; only the desktop was ticked on. That’s why. Now it works and I don’t see any loop for the moment. Even if i’ve read this