Is it possible to run Syncthing as service?

Hi guys

Is it possible to run syncthing as service on windows server 2008?

The point is that, on a server there is no user logged in. So if you logout from the server, syncthing is also offline. I want to run it like a cloud at home.

Or is there another way?

And for the perfect solution, can I use Syncthing like a library in a C# service?


Greetings Dom

Inside the Syncthing release zip file, there is a folder called etc with service / daemon templates for various systems, including windows.

I did not try this, as the only windows machine I am syncing is my desktop at work.

Regarding C#: There is nothing ready to use. If you are ambitious, you could implement the BEP protocol in C# and build your own syncthing windows service :wink:

For scripting etc, you can use the Rest Api.

Ah thank you! I’ll have a look on it.

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