Is it possible to move only ? (do not sync)

Dear experts,

I’ve just installed Syncthing into my PC Windows 10 and my Android phone. I’ve managed to have the files in Android phone’s folder-A copied to PC’s folder-B.

But I’m unable to find the option to just move the file (if any) in phone’s folder-A to PC’s folder-B.

Currently the situation is : using the option “send only”, after the files are copied from phone’s folder-A to PC’s folder-B, if I delete the files in phone’s folder-A, then it also delete the files in PC’s folder-B. I understand that this is normal.

Anyway, because I can’t find a setup option to just move the file to PC’s folder B each time Syncthing detect there is a file in phone’s folder-A (using the option “Watch for changes”), I wonder if it’s possible to do that and how to do that if it’s possible.

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciatd. Thank you in advanced.

This is not possibly without using some hackery, advanced configuration, and/or external scripts on one of the devices to move the files to a different folder there.

If you search the forum for “one way sync”, you will find tonnes of threads on this particular topic though :innocent:.

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Hi tomasz86,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I never know until you mentioned it in your post that what I want is called “one way sync”. I did search before posting, but my keyword is “move only” :slight_smile: - that’s why I can’t find the similar topic like mine.

Anyway after you mentioned it then just now I have the search keyword “one way sync”, and you are correct that there are tons result with the same case like mine :smiley: .

Thank you once again for your help, tomasz86. Really appreciate your time to reply me.

Hi all,

Regarding my question, I just want to share the workaround I take.

So after reading the internet here and there, I copy a script from the internet then paste it to notepad to be run so it monitor “IF there is a file created in PC’s folder-B THEN move the file in PC’s folder-B to PC’s folder-C”. In Syncthing now I set the Folder Type option to “Send and Receive”.

So the process is like this:

  1. I put a file in phone’s folder-A
  2. Syncthing copy that file to PC’s folder-B
  3. The script detect there is a created file in PC’s folder-B
  4. So the script move the file from PC’s folder-B to PC’s folder C
  5. Now PC’s folder-B is empty
  6. Syncthing sync PC’s folder-B to phone’s folder-A
  7. the result, I have an empty folder-A in my phone :smiley:

I realize maybe it is not a good solution. But for the time being at least it’s the kind of what I expected.

Thank you very much to all the developers.


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