Is it possible to mix unencrypted shares from untrusted devices?

Following setup: I have a untrusted device on a VPS that I synchronize to. Now I want to add a single non-encrypted share, so that I can add files through automation to the filesystem on the server directly, that my other devices will receive it when they’re online again

Currently Syncthing forces me to set an encryption password if a device is marked as untrusted

Is this doable or would I have to run a second Syncthing instance just for this?

This is indeed the one and only purpose of that “untrusted” checkbox: to make sure you don’t inadvertently send unencrypted data to it. You can just uncheck that if you want to have an unencrypted folder there, which is perfectly fine.


Oh TIL! So it’s just enforcing that I don’t accidentally add non-encrypted stuff to it?

Nice thank you, I just tried it and it works fine. It’s also possible to:

  • Mark a file as trusted
  • Import the share without encryption password
  • Go into syncthing advanced options and add the ‘untrusted’ check again (not possible through the normal device settings if a non-encrypted folder is present)

/EDIT: okay nevermind, what I just wrote doesn’t work because it doesn’t pass consistency checks

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