Is it possible to force a index redownload for a specific device on the cluster?

Hey guys, I have a syncthing setup were there is 1 send-only and (currently) 22 receive-only devices. The problem I’m facing is that on my send-only device, there is this SKILL-24 device that is stuck on “syncing (99% 256b)” On the SKILL-24 device and on other devices from the cluster it shows “up to date” I was wondering if I can force a index redownload from SKILL-24 on my send-only device.

Send-only device:


Another device on the cluster:

You can re-send indexes from and two that one device to all other devices by starting it with -reset-deltas on that one device. It might however also be an index difference related to one of the disconnected devices. The output of for one of the files from both devices could shed some light on that.


Thanks, it worked. Just another question, would it be safe to start all devices with -reset-deltas at the same time? Or doing so could break stuff?

It should be safe - it will generate a lot of activity at once and thus essentially do some stress testing, and that might reveal a bug, hopefully not.

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