Is it possible to auto-accept incoming connection requests?

I am using syncthing for media distribution in a client-server setup of sorts.

There is one server which contains all the media in a send-only folder and geographically distributed clients. The media is open and any client with server ID should be able to access it without any manual intervention.

So is it possible to enable auto-acceptance of client requests?

It’s in advanced settings menu.

Which version would that be?

I don’t think there’s an option to accept new unknown devices. There’s an option to accept new devices known to an already connected device (Introducer feature), but that would only help you to interconnect clients that already connected to server. You’d need to use a script that listens for DeviceRejected events and adds those devices via the /rest/system/config endpoint. Or maybe arigi, a multi-instance Syncthing management tool by @calmh, might be for you. However I’d guess (!) it wont cover your use case, as accepting all devices isn’t a particularly secure thing to do.

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