Is it possible that syncthing may have reverted a file back to an earlier version?

Server 1: Syncthing v0.13.0 Windows (64bit) Server 2: Syncthing v0.13.0 Windows (32bit)

A file a user worked on and updated in the early AM was reverted back to the original version. He noticed this later in the day and re-worked on the file around 4:30pm. It is worth noting that in the early AM, Syncthing was also crashing a lot (panic attacks), and I renamed the old index to .old so syncthing would create a new one.

Looked into Windows logs to see how this could have happened and noticed this:

User saved the file at 8:01 am. At 9:05 am, syncthing wrote to the file. At 4:27pm, user worked on and saved the file again. No activity from syncthing after this save.

I can provide the actual logs if necessary. Has this kind of behavior been observed? Is re-creating the index a bad idea in some cases?

If you nuke the index, while the data is not in sync, you might end up with old version. That’s more or less expected.


Ok, I guess that makes sense. Is there any recommended away with dealing with these panic attacks that don’t involve nuking the index? I have tried just restarting syncthing but it usually has a panic attack again after a short amount of time.

Rsync the files by hand from a source that is not panicing before blowing away the index.


Ok, thanks for clearing that up.

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