Is it ok to let the browser download to a synced folder?

Now I download files to the Download folder and then I move them to a synced folder. Would it be ok to download files directly to the synced folder?

Sure. With filesystem watching if the download takes a long time (>1min by default), the partial file will get scanned and hshed repeatedly which wastes cpu. Depends on what you download, and maybe you can configure the browser to safe partial files with some naming scheme that you can then ignore. Or prolong the filesystem watcher interval in the advanced settings for your folder.

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They actually already do that by default — Chrome uses *.crdownload and Firefox uses *.part, so adding these to the ignore patterns should probably suffice (unless the file downloading mentioned here involves something else than a browser, but other tools often use their own temporary extensions too).

In my usage, the main problem with hashing ever-changing files wasn’t CPU but rather disk I/O. Especially when using HDDs, this can bring them to their knees very quickly.


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