is it available sync n:1 environment?

  • PC A has files that A, B, C in folder(send only).
  • PC B has files that F, G, I, K in folder(send only).
  • PC C has connection with A and B.
  • PC C’s folder is recieve only. they sync same folder id.

In this case, after sync with A, B is out of sync and [override changes] button showing up on B.

opposite case, the button showing up on A.

is it normal situation?

is there any way sync two device together?

You can’t sync two “Send Only” folders together. There can be some exceptions, e.g. when the folders are populated by a local application, so that the content generated locally is identical in both cases, but other than that, they will remain “out of sync”.

ok I see, thankyou :slight_smile:

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