Is bidirectional syncing posible?

Hello Everyone,

I recently set up my NAS and want to be able to automatically sync to and from the NAS with my laptop. I work on school stuff on it, and while at school, I have no connection to my NAS. When I come home (and connect to my local network), I want it to automatically update the file on my NAS. I will also be working on the schoolwork from my desktop, which is always connected to the NAS (and thus I will be working off the NAS to avoid complications). This is why it must also sync from the NAS to my laptop. My question is: is this possible with Syncthing, or should I look for some other software?

This is exactly what syncthing is made for. I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.

You can also sync the NAS and the desktop as well if you want.


As stated,


This is exactly what the software is intended to be used for.