Is there any particular reason why Syncthing has slow transfer rate over an IPSEC tunnel ?

Test done :

1/ Configure Syncthing on 2 sites using IPSEC tunnel (slow transfer rate)

2/ Using public IP (Fast)

Anyone can tell me if IPSEC encryptions causing this issue ?

Please note that I am also using syncthing over an OPENVPN tunnel and i have fast transfer rate

Are you sure its connected over the tunnel and not a relay, have you checked the ip addresses?

Hello Audrius,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I am sure it’s using the VPN tunnel as I am using private IP. I have also deactivated the option “Relay Enabled” in the advanced option. Do you have any idea how to resolve this issue ?

Any log I can send you for you to be able to analyse ?

Not really. To be honest, you should be benchmarking IPSEC and discussing on the IPSEC forums, from our perspective, we are just use plain old TCP, so if the tunnel is not performing, its not really our fault and there is not much we can do.


Is there any possibility of encrypting the transfers (perhaps by directly adding an SSL layer on the exchanges) when using public IP ?

Please read the docs, all transfers are already encrypted.

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