iOS client: dare to beta test?

@amp68 @M4k0_ , I always look for beta testers - I’ll try to find out how long it takes to excess Apple’s 1000 limit :slight_smile:

You have to write me either email or PM with your email so I can send invite.

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A small update regarding 0.11 support - there is a preliminary version but it looks like it got stuck in beta approval process (yep, Apple requires approvals for beta too). As you can guess - I have no estimates how long it would take.

My e-mail is m4k0 and


I’m running 0.11 now on all my machines, so I won’t be able to test till the new beta comes out.

I can’t download the beta, it says it has expired. I assume I have to wait for the next release?

@M4k0_ Yep, unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that. You’ll get an automatic notification once it will be approved.

So far, no issues with the client. I’ll keep tinkering with it.

Is there any way to delete a folder? I’m able to delete added machines, but not added folders (I can delete a sub-folder of the root synced folder, though).

It’s a bit unobvious, but you can’t delete folder if it is the only one. Once you have 2 or more folders you should be able to delete old ones by swiping.

I would like to join the beta test natsirt.ekcolk at gmail dot com

I would like to join beta testing too. bivoru at gmail dot com

90% of my interest in an iOS port is for photo syncing; but if beta-testing a read-only non-photo version makes the project as a whole move faster, I’m up for that :smile:

I also wanted to join the testing. But I got a bounce on the email address. Should I use another one?

Question to “Camera Uploads” voters - what is your expected workflow?

I suppose something that works in the background, not sure if iOS would allow that. So I guess it would be similar to dropbox’s implementation when you move location it automatically uploads the photos for you (maybe giving the options of uploading photo and(or) videos via Cell data).

I currently use BTsync. If I’m out on a day trip without place to charge I would wait until the end of the day to sync the photos (on BTsync this requires you to turn on the app). But if I’m simply out in the city where I have place to charge I would take a few photos and turn on BTsync right away to upload the photos to the computer.

I would like something that would just automatically upload the photos without having to touch it, giving some additional pre-settings e.g., wifi environment, cell data, stop upload if it’s more than 100MB (to save battery) etc…

The ability to do Camera uploads via iOS device is really the last thing that is keeping me with BTsync. I won’t want to run dropbox or services like Flickr. I simply don’t trust their privacy policy, regardless of that they say.

Backing up images from iOS to other ST nodes is a major topic for my use case. Here a few thoughts:

  1. Background syncing It would be nice to have some kind of background syncing, but I doubt that iOS lets you do this. And if it does, there should be an option in the app to deactivate it (battery life, etc)

  2. Option to enable sync only in WLAN This is an obvious one, since doing the sync constantly could ruin you, if it would run with mobile data.

  3. General workflow:

  • Starting the app
  • If image backup is enabled: ST connects to the nodes where the images should be saved
  • Images get synced (read only: If an image on one of the nodes is deleted, it must not have an influence on the images that are still stored on the iOS device. On the other hand: If an image gets deleted on the phone, the corresponding file on the backup nodes must not be deleted - otherwise it would hardly be a backup)
  1. Open question
  2. Assume the iOS device and the nodes are in sync.
  3. On the iOS device, a specific image gets deleted (say IMG_1000.jpg) As said above, this file must not be deleted from the other ST nodes, since they serve as backup storages
  4. A new image is taken, or an image with the same name (IMG_1000.jpg in this example) is saved to the camera roll from a different source (say from an iMessage from a different user).

What would happen in this case? ST would just sync it, deleting/relocating the backed up version. This is not the prefered behaviour, since deleting from a backup is not a good thing and relocating images introduces the need for manual interaction.

IPhone 4s, if you need one of those to test on.

Any device is welcome, but I need an email address to send an invite :wink:

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@Mokojojo, @MCB529 thanks for feedback.

As a resume what you want is an “Archive” scenario, i.e. it goes in one direction “up to a server” rather than a “dynamic” sync between multiple devices.

For some reason I cant find the message area, to give it to you?