iOS client: dare to beta test?

Fair enough. I think a read-only version is a good start to get more people using it and interested. Once you get started on the photo syncing though, I’ll be all over testing that. I’m trying to find a replacement for btsync, but most stuff I’ve found doesn’t sync over LAN.

Got my Testflight invite and the new build started working for me this morning. Where do we submit bug reports and what not?

If it is a crash (and there is a lot of them right now on arm64) - just start the app again, it will send backtrace automatically.

All other reports you can send either through PM or by email, don’t hesitate to report any - even if it is a known issue it’ll help to adjust priorities.

New build is working great for my needs.

I would also be interested in testing the iOS app for synching. Feel free to shoot me an email if you would like me to help test.

Seems to be working alright for me. Sometimes it doesn’t seems to connect right away and I find I have to close the app, clear from the switcher and then restart to get it to connect.

Also it doesn’t appear that the clear cache button actually clears the data. I downloaded a number of files and then did the clear cache but the files are still on my phone. My phone is jailbroken and I was able to find the cache folder and all of the files were still there…also Setting -> General -> Usage is still showing several hundred MB taken up by fsync(). However if I go back and try to download something that was previously downloaded and the cleared, it does download again even though the data is still on the phone.

I know the main concern right now is getting something stable submitted to the app store, but for a future update I’d love to have an indicator to see what has been previously download.

Fixed incorrect cache cleaning.

I’d love to have an indicator to see what has been previously download

Yup, that’s planned.

I am testing sync clients (btsync has too many problems to count) and I am implementing a syncthing setup on my Raspberry Pi. iOS is a valued part of my workflow for keeping documents synced between all of my devices. I would happily test the client on my iPhone 6+ (iOS 8.2)


Be aware, it is not compatible yet with 0.11 beta.


I would be happy to test. Could you send me the testflight invitation?


I can also help testing iOS app, as I have a few iDevices running different apps. I am also a beginner iOS developer and I would like to learn from it.

Would love to test aswel :wink:

Having a iPad Air 2 :slight_smile:

Sorry, iPad is not yet supported:

Will wait when its available then :wink:


@solfred, @combro2k @borissamardzija I need email address for sending invite, you can provide it either by PM or by writing to email mentioned above.

It actually runs perfectly fine on iPad, but isn’t “tuned”

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Hello all. New to the forum. I have an iPad Air 2 and a iPhone 5S. I’d like to help test the iOS client.

Surely those iPods which are never online have no need for a syncthing client due to not being online. So the statistics are a valid representation.

“not online” in the sense of using interent does not mean they are not in a LAN. Imagine you use syncthing on your devices which are never open to the internet there is plenty of use within a LAN/VPN infrastructure and your “statistics” do not recon these devices.

Hi, If you are still looking for beta testers, I have an iPhone, and an iPad, and looking to migrate from dropbox, onedrive, and btsync to syncthing, but I need the migration to be complete, I need to have an ios client. So, if you need some tester that will use the app everyday, I am glad to help!